5 Ways to Travel Sustainably

Travelling around the globe to exotic locations is incredibly exciting, but we have to remember that we aren’t the only ones and too many tourists can wreak havoc on some destinations! When we travel it’s important to think how we effect the local people, businesses and the environment.

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Elle Voyage is a travel company exclusively for women who long to have an adventure, discover different cultures, visit diverse continents, stumble across breath-taking landscapes and immerse themselves with memories that last a lifetime. Today Elle Voyage owner and tour specialist Dawn Simone, is sharing her top five ways to travel sustainably.

  1. Be aware of local people – it’s important to be aware of how tourism effects local people and their businesses. When you’re traveling make sure you seek out authentic and local experiences to help support the local economy and the people who live there.

  2. Profit reinvestment – before you leave for your trip make sure you research the area so you can source activities, experiences and restaurants that reinvest their profits back into the local community.

  3. Respect – this goes without saying but when you travel make sure you respect other people’s cultures, you are a guest in their country. Their way of life may be very different to your own so keep an open mind!

  4. Sustainable experiences – make sure you seek out sustainable experiences that don’t harm the local environment and ecosystem, for example, don’t step on any coral when snorkelling, don’t ride elephants and don’t pick any native flowers or plants.

  5. Spend money locally – be mindful of the local economy and the businesses that operate there, make sure you buy things from local businesses so that your tourism benefits the right people.