6 Unexpected Ways to Add Colour to Your Interiors

Most of us love to use colour in our homes, but achieving a well-balanced palette is a challenge. If you’re interested in experimenting with colour but aren’t sure how to get started, we’re here with 6 top tips on how to add colour in some fun and inventive ways.

1. Make Your Doorways Pop

 When it comes to decorating a living space, most of us neglect to decorate the door – but why? After all, a door is a large vertical space that can add a brilliant pop of colour to a room. So the next time you’re decorating, be brave and paint your door. To take this one step further, using a complementing colour on skirting boards can look gorgeous.

 2. Paint Bland Furniture

 By putting paint to brush and updating bland pieces of furniture, you can add pockets of colour, which have the potential to look even chicer than colour added to walls. From tables and dining chairs to bedside cabinets and bookcases, it’s possible to introduce a whole new colour palette to your interiors simply by painting old pieces of furniture. To find out how to transform your old furniture, check out the Guardian’s how to upcycle furniture guide.

 3. Brighten Your Windows with Colourful Blinds

For decades, blinds have been seen as functional and practical, but not particularly stylish. Now however, it’s possible to buy blinds in an extraordinary range of colours, styles and patterns, making it easy to bring a pop of colour to your windows. The guys at So Easy Blinds advise that, “Window blinds come in every shade imaginable, and are an easy way to add colour to your room with no mess or fuss. Think beyond the usual roller blinds, and opt for a wooden venetian blind in a bright colour.”

4. Try Alternative Lighting

 Colour and lighting – it’s impossible to have one without the other. Combine both effectively in your home, and you can create no-end of mood-enhancing, cosy hues. But how, might you ask, can lighting add colour? It’s easy really: simply swap those neutral lampshades for a coloured alternative cast a lovely, tinted glow throughout the room.

 5. Colour the Ceiling

 Rather than whitewash your ceiling, why not paint it in an unexpected and altogether interesting shade? We’re thinking olive green, midnight blue or mustard yellow, but the possibilities are simply endless. Be brave, and make sure the colour complements the rest of the room.

 6. Install Bright Appliances

 one are the days of gadgets and appliances being limited to metal, white or grey; now it’s possible to buy all manner of household electronics that will look genuinely stylish in your home. For the kitchen, we love the range of retro coloured kettles from Delonghi, whilst a coloured DAB radio from Roberts will inject colourful fun into your bedroom or living space.  

Image Credits: 1. Old Brand New 2. English Blinds  3. Bright Bazaar 4. Marie Claire Maison