6 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

We’d all like to make our homes Insta-Worthy, but creating an expensive and stylish look throughout your home can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to change up your home, try these tips to make your creativity flow.


Image: Garden Trading

Mix the old with the new

Whether you’re upcycling furniture or slowly incorporating new pieces into an eclectic room, by mixing and matching modern and vintage styles it will create a complimentary contrast of textures and depth in your home. Pair your vintage furniture with bold cushions and a monochrome throw for a modern take on comfort and an easy elegant look.


Bifold Door Blinds, Blinds 2go

Update old fixtures

If your doors and windows are worn and tired, upgrade your home by adding fresh fixtures that will last you decades. Bi-fold doors from Quickslide will give your home a classic feel whilst being strong and durable throughout the year.


Point Pendant Opal Glass 8400 Dining Room Lighting, Davey Lighting

Upgrade your light fixtures

Glass chandeliers, spotlights and industrial pendants are just a few ways to make the most out of your lighting in each room. Replace heavy, dark light shades with pendants or translucent shades to let more light reach throughout the room while automatically upgrading your room to suit the mood you’re aiming for.


Large Oak Leaf Gold Gilt Mirror, The French Bedroom Co

Add mirrors

The illusion of more light will make your space appear bigger, so add mirrors to make light bounce from wall to wall for your home to become instantly brighter. This works especially well in small or dark rooms, as more visual space opens up your room to make it double in size.


Berkley Sofa, Sweetpea and Willow

Keep your tones neutral

When in doubt, paint your walls neutral tones of beige, grey or white and decorate with coloured pieces to compliment. For a fresh look, keep your whole room and accessories neutral for a timeless, bright look if bold colours aren’t for you.


Walkworth Linen Oatmeal Storage Bed, Furniture Choice

Create a gallery wall

Keep your home characterful with a statement wall of artwork if your room is looking bare. Images can sometimes work more effectively than wallpaper as a feature wall, so have a god at making a gallery wall if you’ve got an artistic eye for creating a collage wall that guests can explore. There’s so much to choose from depending on the tone of your room, from pop art to scenic photography or abstract portraits, choose a style and colours to compliment your space.