7 Tips To Making Your Bedroom More Snoozeable

Believe it or not, we all sleep for approximately one third of our lives. Although this may seem like one of those pointless statistics that makes us feel depressed about waiting at traffic lights for a year in our lifetime, this third is a rather important one. A good night’s sleep is key when it comes to your health and wellbeing. Not only does it serve your brain power, it also improves your general bodily functions, helping you to get more out of day and your overall life.

However, getting the recommended eight hours a night is often quite a challenge at the best of times, so just how can we make the most out of the hours we are comfortably asleep? Settling down with a mug of warm milk, counting sheep and listening to whale sounds are all common things that spring to mind first, but one important consideration that is often overlooked is the role of your bedroom design.

So, we thought we’d consult the experts at Hästens, the luxury bed makers have been hand making their luxury beds since 1852, and are passionate about improving the art of sleep.   

Naturally, one way to ensure you get a better night’s sleep is to acquire one of the Swedish company’s super comfortable handcrafted beds but the following tips won’t go amiss either…

Avoid having a TV in the bedroom

Watching TV before bed can seem like a good way to wind down, however, it won’t help your brain to switch off. Moving pictures, bright lights and exciting plots can cause mental stress, which can keep you awake. It’s also a good idea to switch off iPads and laptops at least an hour before you retire to the bedroom for the same reasons.

 Hästens, Lars Hall

Remove anything work related

Just like having a TV in the room, having a desk and a computer can also prevent you from switching off. If you work from home it’s a good idea to work in another room in the house as you may find that if you can see your workstation you might start thinking about work instead of drifting off.

Pick the right colour scheme

Choosing the colour scheme for a bedroom should be fun, it’s likely you will spend a lot of time in the room so you want to pick something you like, however, be aware that opting for a vivid colour scheme or busy wallpaper could be a big mistake. The bedroom should be a place for relaxing, so neutral and cooler tones will work better. If you want to add some colour, warm shades of reds and oranges can help you feel comfortable and cosy.

Keep the temperature cool

Contrary to common wisdom, it’s better to keep the temperature in your bedroom cool, ideally around 14°C – 18°C. The reason for this is because your body heat naturally warms the bed, so if the room is also warm you can overheat and find it difficult to relax.

Pick the right bed sheets

Having good quality bed sheets is essential and bed linen that can isolate heat and moisture is ideal for helping you get a better night. Natural fibers are are breathable so they create a good ventilation system and will help you stay fresh and dry while you sleep. When buying your bed linen make sure it complements the colour scheme and adds to the overall relaxing feel of the room.

Invest in bedside furniture

This might not seem that conducive to helping you nod off, however, a simple nightstand, positioned on each side of your bed will give you a subconscious feeling of balance and harmony as you fall asleep. Both sides should be identical to achieve the best effect.

Choose the right bed

Finally, choosing the right bed can make all the difference and is arguably the most important tip on the list. If you are not comfortable when you lie down after a long day then you are risking a good night’s sleep in favour of a restless night of tossing and turning.

Take your time when choosing your bed, try a few out and get a feel for them, try out the different positions you tend to sleep in and make a note of how each bed is different. A good bed is the first line of defense against the dreaded sleepless night so choose carefully!