8 Reasons We Love Summer!

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Summer has finally arrived, and we couldn’t be happier about the sunshine finally making an appearance! It feels as though we’ve been waiting for the season of BBQs, beer gardens, roof top bars and days at the seaside, forever!

So, sit back, relax, open those doors – check out Pirnar if you’re in the market for new doors this summer – and enjoy 8 reasons why we just love this time of year.


Ice cream

Ice cream tastes great any time of the year – but there’s something extra special about strolling along with a big cone filled with creamy ice cream, covered in sprinkles, sauce and even a flake. Delicious – don’t forget the wet wipes for the kids!

Our favourite fruits are in season

That great big bowl of strawberries and cream tastes better in the summer because this is when they’re in season and they taste incredible! Not forgetting watermelon, grapes, cherries and more – the perfect excuse for a fruit salad (they’re healthy!).

Late, light nights

Even if you’re working late, or the average 9-5 when you finish work in the summer months, the light nights make you feel like you still have plenty of time to enjoy what’s left of the day. So whether you’re sitting in a beer garden with friends or your own back yard with your family – you’ve got plenty of time to relax and enjoy the summer.


We can enjoy everything alfresco

Summer picnic anyone? In the summertime, anything goes! So, dig out that picnic hamper and fill it full of all your favourite treats. Whether you’re going out to a particular picnic spot, or you’re heading off on a family walk, the beauty of alfresco dining is that anywhere can be the perfect spot to enjoy your lunch.

The weather

This one is obvious, but not only does sunny weather mean that you can go anywhere and enjoy the day, but sunshine makes us feel good and optimistic! It’s good for you!


Festival season in here! And you don’t have to be willing to get covered in mud to embrace the festival vibe. During the summer months there are festivals to suit everyone. Whether that’s the latest, big name acts at the country’s biggest events, or more family friendly festivals at country houses. Whether you go for the day, or for a whole weekend, you’re sure to have a blast! Don’t forget your wellies!



Whether you’re a veggie, vegan, pescatarian or fully blown meat eater – the smell of a BBQ is enough to make anyone excited. Whatever your dietary requirements there’s always something on the BBQ that you’ll enjoy. They’re wonderful ways to get friends and families together, with lots of food, drink and fun!


Nature is well and truly in bloom during the summer months! From bumblebees to butterflies, birds and other mammals, flowers, blooms, the seaside – nature is there to be enjoyed in the summer. So make sure you get out there and enjoy every moment of it!