Contributor's Corner: Rosie Barnett

_MG_1560 Rosie Barnett

We are delighted to present to you another talented photographer to join our team, Rosie Barnett. If you are not familiar with her work then I suggest you take a peek at her portfolio because it is simply gorgeous. We had the pleasure of working with Rosie on a photo shoot a few weeks back, so you will be able to see her work in the Summer issue out in June. Until then enjoy these images...

_MG_1560 Rosie Barnett

_MG_1618 Rosie Barnett

_MG_0970 Rosie Barnett

_MG_0962 Rosie Barnett

_MG_2188 Rosie Barnett

_MG_9761 Rosie Barnett 1

Contributors Corner - Richard Burns

We had the great pleasure recently of working with yet another talented photographer - Richard Burns.  Oh, we love our jobs! Richard started his career as a fashion photographer but his portfolio demonstrates a huge range of subjects including, portraits, interiors, lifestyle, kids and commercial.  He's also a really lovely guy and a pleasure to work with.

Photographer - Richard Burns 1 Photographer - Richard Burns 2 Photographer - Richard Burns 3 Photographer - Richard Burns

Richard, you'll be seeing a lot more of us!


Contributors Corner: Joanna Henderson

I am so excited to introduce to you a new member of our Heart Home team,  the ever so talented photographer Joanna Henderson. With a portfolio to lust after you can't help but to admire this lovely photographer. Her gorgeous feature will be debuting in the September issue and believe me when I say that you will be in for a real treat.

Contributor's Corner: Richard Clatworthy

richard5 copy

Heart Home magazine was very lucky to work with yet another new photographer for the Summer issue. I know I do say this repeatedly but we are extremely lucky to work with such talented people whom really make the magazine what it is today. Today's photographer that I would like to introduce to you is Richard Clatworthy. You may remember his extremely popular feature, 'Summer, Wedding, Loving' in the summer issue which was styled by Elkie Brown (pg12-19). It is clear that Richard is super talented at what he does, just have a look at his portfolio if you need more convincing.

Contributors Corner - Emma Lewis

One more photo shoot to go for issue 4 of  Heart Home magazine and it's looking so good! And I must give a massive shout out to all of our photographers.  They are, without a doubt my all time heros.  We have been shooting homes for the summer issue in the gloomiest April and May for about a hundred years, and still they have managed to make all of the gorgeous rooms look like the sun is beckoning just beyond the window.  Well done guys!


And girl.  Because one of our newest photographer contributors is Emma Lewis.


Emma started her career working with moving images for film and TV drama but now photography is her full time focus.  She specialises in interiors, lifestyle and portrait photography but she is also very widely travelled so she has been much inspired by the magnificent landscapes, fascinating people and enchanting cultures she came across.

These images are just a small selection of her work and I urge you to visit her online portfolio because there is so much more to see!



Contributor's Corner: Elkie Brown


We had the pleasure  of meeting and working with super talented stylist Elkie Brown.  I must confess that her gorgeous feature in the Spring issue was probably one of my favourites. Elkie has a fantastic eye and always manages to capture the very essence of each shoot. A gorgeous portfolio full of eye candy to tantalise the senses. We look forward to many more shoots with this upcoming stylist.

Stunning feature for the Spring issue of Heart Home magazine. Photograpghy Jon Day

More Examples of Elkie's gorgeous portfolio.

Photography Jon Day

Contributor's Corner: Joanne Fordham


I love fashion illustrations and especially when they are drawn from the talented Joanne Fordham. For the Spring issue we have been lucky to have her on board and boy are we proud. Freelance designer and illustrator Joanne Fordham graduated from a fashion design academy with first class honours. With an impressive portfolio having worked for a number of fashion and lifestyle magazines, Joanne's talent is definitely something to admire. A great asset to the Heart Home team!

Contributor's Corner: James Balston


Here at Heart Home we have been lucky enough to meet some fantastic talented people that have been working on our magazine to make it one of a kind. Today I want to dedicate a post to the talented James Balston. A fantastic photographer who is an utter joy to work with. James Balston has been working as an Interior Photographer since 2000, having previously trained and worked as an Interior Designer. His Impressive portfolio includes private homes, to hotels, restaurants, retail, historic buildings, gardens and still life.

His work has been featured in House & Garden, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, BBC Homes and Antiques and Grand Designs. Quite an impressive list I would say!

From our last photoshoot at Sania Pell's lovely home.

Beautiful shot taken at Hostem.

One of my favourite images with the very handsome Lee Broom.

Stylist Laura Campbell's Home.

A south London terraced house belonging to Interior Designer, Michael Nicholas.

Contributors Corner - Mark Bolton

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again.  One of the nicest things about working on Heart Home magazine is the opportunities we have to work with such talented people.

For issue 3 we have been very privileged to welcome into the HHm family, award winning photographer Mark Bolton, who not only travelled quite a distance for us, but was charming and funny and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Mark’s garden photography is very well known and he was recently a category winner at the prestigious ‘Garden Photographer of the Year’ and he has been a photographer for the National Trust for 14 years.  Anyone interested in flowers (Rona) should take a look at his website now.

Of course it was his interiors photography that we were most interested in, and as you can see from these portfolio shots our shoot was in very good hands.  To see the results, come back on March 15th.

When Mark’s not working for Heart Home magazine, he often works for Homes and Gardens.

Contributors Corner - David Garcia

We're only 24 hours away from issue 2 of Heart Home magazine but before we finally put issue 1 to bed I'd like to say a special thank you to David Garcia.

David is the photographer responsible for the beautiful pictures of Terence Conran's home, Barton Court, on pages 88-91 and reproduced here.  He has been shooting interiors and lifestyle photographs for many years both in the UK and worldwide and has a very impressive client list!   He actually started his career as an assistant to fashion photographers and says this gave him a good foundation in the need for speed and the utilisation of any available daylight for good effect.


Pop over to his website and have a look at his portfolio.  It is absolutely stunning!

I'd also like to urge you to visit the Terence Conran exhibition at the Design Museum.  It's on until 4th March and is well worth seeing.



Contributor's Corner: Oliver Gordon

Here at Heart Home I have been so lucky to work with some of the most talented individuals in the industry. This is why I love dedicating a blog post to them, it's my way of saying thank you for all their hard work. Today's post is dedicated to the lovely photographer Oliver Gordon. His amazing photoshoots will feature in the second issue of Heart Home magazine (out next week, eeeek!). I really enjoyed working with Oliver, not only is he so much fun but has a great eye for detail and really captures such beautiful shots. I am very much looking forward to working again with this talented photographer. Here is a selection of some his work from a stunning portfolio.

Contributor’s Corner: Emily Blunden

Another week, another contributor, introducing to you the talented and lovely, Emily Blunden. We had the pleasure of working with this fun and quirky stylist. With an interesting and unique portfolio, Emily was responsible for the Lifestyle Bazaar shoot in the first issue, which was a great favourite with many of our readers. We look forward to working more with Emily and a big thank you for all her help.

Contributor's Corner: Sarah Hogan


It has been awhile since we haven't dedicated a post to one of our amazing contributors, not that we are not grateful. On the contrary, we think they are fabulous. Today we want to introduce you to Sarah Hogan. A talented photographer whose work is extremely beautiful. You cannot argue that Sarah has the perfect vision combined with a sweet sensibility therefore produces  the most exquisite shots. With a portfolio filled with so much eye candy you cannot argue how talented this lady is. We are extremely excited and very lucky to have her as part of the Heart Home team!

Contributor's Corner: Joanna Thornhill


Another week gone and we are finally entering into the week of our launch. Lack of sleep, tears, stress but above all excitement are what our days are all about. The support we have had has been incredible, so it is that time of the day where we dedicate a post to a contributor who has been a part of this incredible journey. A big thank you the amazingly talented Joanna Thornhill. A thorough, cheerful stylist whom working with has been a breath of fresh air. Joanna has been an immense support through out this whole issue, and it is people like her that make this all worthwhile.

Contributor's Corner: Andrew Boyd

andrew5 copy

It's official we have only 13 days left until the launch of Heart Home Magazine and we are so excited. Therefore I am going to dedicate this post to yet another amazing contributor who helped make this possible for us. A big thank you to photographer Andrew Boyd. Andrew is a very charming, witty character who works with such professionalism that it made our photoshoot a joy to be a part of. Not long now before you can see all the photos in their absolute glory but in the meantime here's a peek at his amazing portfolio.

Contributors Corner: Eunice Yeo


It's busy here at Heart Home Magazine, the features are flooding in and we are busy editing and putting together layouts. We couldn't have done any of this without our wonderful contributors who have been sensational. We appreciate all their hard work and effort. As a way of saying thank you we dedicate a post to them so today's spotlight falls on Euncie Yeo. Eunice has a passion for photography, baking, flower arranging and for all things pretty. All of this can be seen on her mouthwatering blog, Heaven in a Wild Flower.  A girl of many talents, I can only describe her as gracious and endearing, just like her work.

Contributors Corner: Nina Holst From Stylizimo

Eat 2

The best part of our job is having so many inspirational people working towards our first issue. Therefore we were so excited when Nina from her amazing blog, stylizimo agreed to do a feature for Heart Home Magazine. Nina is a Norwegian girl who simply loves to decorate. I'm sure many of you are familiar with her inspirational blog, stylizimo. Full of creative DIY features and gorgeous moodboards, it's full of eye candy delight. We feel her style fits our magazine perfectly and am sure you will agree with us. Anything she touches is simply divine. We just cannot wait for September, can you?

Contributors Corner: Gemma Milly

Another fabulous contributor for Heart Home Magazine is freelance artist and illustrator, Gemma Milly. Her enthusiasm and talent makes it such a joy to work with. Based in the South of England, Gemma likes to take a traditional approach to her work, creating her images all by hand with pen, pencil, ink and watercolour. In her own words 'I aim to create strikingly beautiful images that please the eye and delight the senses', I couldn't have put it better myself.

Contributors Corner: Jon Day


Today's post is dedicated to yet another fantastic contributor, Jon Day. We are extremely fortunate to have this talented photographer on board with us at Heart Home Magazine. Jon specialises in interiors, exteriors, landscapes and lifestyle with a stunning portfolio to show. With an attentive eye for detail and his capacity to capture such natural light, he makes each shot look effortlessly simple. He says he is 'Inspired by nature, interesting textures, a simple colour palette and amazing natural light'. This truly is a reflection of  his work. Make sure to check out his beautiful portfolio on his website.

Contributors Corner: Pippa Jameson


Here at Heart Home we have been very lucky with having so many talented contributors on board. Today I want to dedicate this post to the extremely talented stylist, Pippa Jameson. We have been so privileged working with her this week on a photoshoot. Pippa has worked as an interior stylist in London for the last 10 years. With an extensive portfolio, she has an enormous amount of experience and has worked with some of biggest names in in the industry.

Extremely efficient, heart warming and a perfectionist in what she does, Pippa was a real pleasure to work with. Her feminine style captures the very essence of British design, exactly what Heart Home is all about! Pippa also writes a lovely blog, keeping up to date with the current trends, so do make sure to have a peek!