A Family Home with Room to Grow

Moving across the river from Parsons Green to Clapham enabled the Prices to find the perfect family home. Full-time mum Sarah shows us around.

We lived here for a year before we decided how we wanted to extend and refurbish the house

They say that first impressions count and that was certainly the case when Sarah Price and her husband Keith set eyes on their six-bedroom detached home in Clapham. Sarah admits that she’d been impressed with the house right from the outset. “The front aspect of the house is very handsome and striking,” she explains. “It’s a red brick Victorian with an imposing gable, bay windows and an ornate front porch.”

And inside too, the six-bedroom detached property suits the needs of this growing family admirably, with plenty of space for four-year-old Barney, two-year-old Dexter and an imminent new arrival to play together and to grow.

Sarah and Keith moved from their terraced townhouse in Parsons Green, to this larger property back in 2009, with Sarah admitting that they were in no hurry to make any drastic changes, wanting to get a feel for the space first. “We lived here for a year before we decided how we wanted to extend and refurbish the house,” she explains. Taking inspiration from interiors magazines, the couple collected articles and ideas, filing them into themes and room schemes to help them formulate ideas for their own home.

Twelve months later and the hard work really began, with Sarah explaining: “We extended the open plan kitchen and living space at the rear of the house into the garden with a modern timber clad, light and bright, single storey extension with a flat glass lantern roof, sliding glass doors and a window box seat overlooking the garden. The rest of the house was also fully refurbished with new flooring, new bathroom suites and redecorated throughout.”

In the evening when the children are asleep, our bedroom is a serene and peaceful haven, with dimmed lighting and decorated in calming shades of grey

With the building work complete, Sarah sought much of her inspiration for the interior design close to home, with Northcote Road Antiques Market being a particular favourite shopping destination. Cleverly combining contemporary and classic styles throughout the property, one of the pieces Sarah takes most pride in, is the custom-made Bruce Munro chandelier in the living room. “It is simply stunning and we never tire of gazing at it,” she says.

But it’s the master bedroom that has really stolen Sarah’s heart and she readily admits this is her favourite room. “In the evening when the children are asleep, it is a serene and peaceful haven, with dimmed lighting and decorated in calming shades of grey.”

With work on the house now complete, there is plenty of time to simply enjoy the space they have created, spending time together as a family and entertaining friends too. “With two energetic young boys we don't have as many dinner parties as we used to pre-children, as they are very early risers, but we love having friends with their children here for lazy long weekend lunches,” says Sarah.

At the moment Sarah and Keith are content with the décor the way it is, but admit that this is not likely to remain the case for long. “The work was only completed two years ago and we are so happy with the results, but I'm sure our boys' rough play will take its toll on the décor, so there will be some repainting needed in a year or two. But that’s exciting to look forward to as it’s lovely to change colour schemes every once in a while,” Sarah concludes.

This article originally appeared in the October 2014 issue of Heart Home magazine.

Words: Kelly Lavender

Pictures: Emma Lewis