A Light, White, Spanish Holiday Home

With all out thoughts now firmly on summer holidays, we couldn't resist showing you this beautiful, light-filled, holiday apartment in Barcelona. Designed by Susanna Cots Interior Design, the minimalist space and white walls are warmed by the wooden floor stretching the length of the apartment and by the wooden fenced outside space.

We particularly love the window design and the way the deep frames provide seating both inside and out, whilst also flooding the interior with that gorgeous Spanish light. And the modern fireplace built into a corner is also a favourite feature - for those cooler evenings when you just want to cosy up inside.

"Because white does not scare us, or make us feel blocked nor we are afraid of staining it. Because we do not want it to be related to trifles nor fashion crazes. Because we believe that the authenticity of white resides in its purity and brightness. Because this is the white we love." - Susanna Cots Design Studio