A Modern Home Needs Modern Heating

Modern homes don’t always come with modern comforts, especially if you’re renovating a period property. Squeaky floorboards, peeling wallpaper and single pane windows may just be the start of your problems.

Turning an unloved, period property into a modern home takes a lot of time and attention to detail, especially when it comes to choosing the right shade of Farrow&Ball paint and Laura Ashley wallpaper. You want your home to feel warm and hug you when you walk through the door and heating your home is one of the most important elements in helping you achieve this.

Traditional heating options can be expensive to install and costly to run. If your home is a listed building, you’ll also be restricted by what you can use and how it is installed.

This is where compact electric heaters come into their own.The Economy Radiator Company design and manufacture modern, slim and economical radiators that are designed to fit anywhere in your house - even in your conservatory.

Originally created to replace night storage heaters, these ultra-modern electric radiators are now fast becoming the first choice for many homeowners and house builders. When you look at the benefits, you can start to see why.

Firstly, they are easy to install and do not require a tradesman to undertake the work. All you need is a sturdy wall, be able to drill a few holes for the brackets and an electricity supply, no pipes or boilers needed. They are also maintenance free so the ongoing costs are amongst the lowest of all the heating options available.

Then there is the running costs. How does 1.6p per hour sound to you? That gets you a 1kw radiator running on full power which is enough to heat an average sized room. And remember, with electric radiators, you can heat just the rooms you use so if you’re especially thrifty and constantly keep an eye on your usage, you’ll start to notice a real difference to your energy bills.

So let’s take a quick look at whatThe Economy Radiator Company have to offer in their range of ‘Made-in-Britain’ electric heaters.
The VC Compact electric radiator is one of the company’s best-selling radiators. It’s slim, contemporary design and large display panel makes it ideal for any room of the house and comes in a variety of sizes. It can be wall or floor mounted and offers a remote control device to control it from your armchair.

The VC Compact can heat rooms from 7m2 to 25m2 so more than enough heat for even the grandest of spaces.

The electric radiators start at a weight of just 8kg, so they won’t cause you any problems whether you’re wall or floor mounting them.

The VTR Towel Rail IPX4 boasts a vertical design which makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s tall and slim design will look fantastic in any home and offers the same large display panel as the VC Compact.
The The Conservex electric radiator is a low height radiator that is perfect for conservatories. It features a large display panel and one-touch buttons for quick and easy temperature control.
If you’re considering adding additional heating to your home, or even completely replacing your existing heating system then electric heaters from The Economy Radiator Company could be the answer. Visit the website www.economy-radiators.com to find out more.