A Shared Bedroom is a Cosy Bedroom

Keeping warm and cosy through the winter months can be a struggle, we all use different methods to survive the cold snap while in bed. We wanted to know what feature people most associate with cosiness in their bedrooms.

We asked 2000 people what they felt was the most important factor on creating a cosy atmosphere In your bedroom, the options we gave in response were:-

Warmth: Do you value a comfortable room temperature?

Bedding: Do you enjoy packing your bed with lots of blankets, pillows and blankets?

Lighting: Mood lighting can really make the difference in a room.

Flooring: Do you most like to have something warm under foot?

Company: Do you find true comfort in the arms of another?

Colour Scheme: A warm colour scheme can help you get the desired effect in your bedroom.

Richard Harvey of Approved Traders commented on the results “With Valentine`s Day fast approaching It’s nice to know that the people of the UK value close personal contact over seeking comfort from their material possessions.’

Bringing up the rear in our poll was lighting, receiving only 6% of the vote, bedside lamps, dimmer switches and candles were among the features which help with the ambiance of room.

Next in our list was the use or warm colours in the design of the room:- Reds, oranges, purples and pinks are colours that can be used to great effect to make the room more inviting, 8% of those we asked chose this option.

Flooring was the fourth most popular selection, the addition of luxurious carpet or a soft fluffy rug can make a difference in terms of comfort with 11% of the people we surveyed selecting this option.

Squeezing into our top three on our list was temperature with 13% opting for this choice, a well placed radiators as well as excluding any draughts can really help with the temperature of your room but if you are a real heat junkie why not install a real fire or a log burner for that extra touch of luxury or you could just keep it simple with an electric blanket or hot water bottle.

The bed area is the focal point of a bedroom but came in second scoring 24% on our survey. A snug sleeping area with a thick quilt and lush comfortable pillows ranks highly on our poll as you might expect but is unable to make the top spot.

Comfortably reaching the top spot in our poll with a huge 38% is company proving that looking for comfort in the arms of our loved ones is preferable than searching for comfort in material possessions.