A Shopkeeper's Home

This bright and airy sewing cafe and shop uses a signature colour to punctuate the mainly white space. Second-hand finds have been repurposed to furnish the shop, as well as to display the colourful crafting supplies perfectly.

The Shop

When Lisa Comfort opened her first sewing cafe and shop in 2011, she wanted to create an inspiring space where crafters could come to work either independently or with the guidance of an expert. The interior, therefore, was hugely important, as it needed to be preferential to the customer’s home, where most people tend to spend their crafting time. Lisa put a lot of effort into making a welcoming and homey environment, and says she is constantly editing and changing the space a little to keep it interesting for regulars. The supply of tea and cake is of course an added enticement to visit.

Homespun-style blinds hang in the window of Sew Over It, while wooden furniture, painted by Lisa in her signature blue colour pops out against the white walls and woodwork.

Sew Over It is a colourful shop, and Lisa’s choice of lighting fits in perfectly. The bold chandelier is a fun, slightly eccentric feature.

Lisa found this unit at Sunbury Antiques Market in Surrey, it had been in an old barn for a long time, and there was a spider in every drawer! She spruced it up with white paint and some colourful knobs.

The Home

In Lisa’s home, blue is a strong accent colour, particularly in the living area. A centrepiece rug in varying shades of blue ties the different items together, from throws and cushions to a patterned upholstered chair, to the blue-tinged patina on a beautiful old trunk. Even the fi replace surround has been painted in a darker navy blue to complement the brighter shades. It is all set against a neutral palette of white and grey, making the blue theme a feature of the room without it being overpowering. Lisa enjoys the calming atmosphere the room exudes in comparison to her shop, which is more colourful and busy, but she says she couldn’t live without the uplifting, energizing feeling that colour evokes in her.

The calming colour palette of the sitting room is reflected in the bedroom. The bed is framed with an exposed brick wall, and its rough texture contrasts well with the more delicate painted antique painted furniture. The room is elegant and fuss-free but simple touches such as an old copy of The Great Gatsby, and pretty roses bring femininity to the space. 

Both Lisa’s home and shop have an airy feeling, allowing her love of patterned fabric and colour to shine. A sense of organization – a great asset to a sewer – is also evident in both places.

Sew Over It, 78 Landor Road, London, SW9 9PH, UK.

Extract from - The Shopkeeper's Home by Caroline Rowland, published by Jacqui Small, £25 hardback.