Add Value to Your Home with a Garden Room or Veranda

We all love to spend time in our garden during the summer months. It is the ideal spot to enjoy a glass of wine during the early evening with a good book or for eating lunch with the family. Although the garden is a hub of activity when the weather is warm, when the cold weather approaches many people abandon the garden to take shelter indoors, but this needn't happen. When you add a veranda or garden room to your property, the garden can be used all year round.

The veranda

The veranda is a construction that encompasses a roof and is usually constructed against an exterior wall of the property. You can also buy free standing verandas if you so wish. In the winter months you will still be able to enjoy your garden as the veranda offers shelter from the cold and rain. During the summer you will also benefit from being shaded from the hot sun. The veranda is incredibly versatile in that it can be used for a variety of purposes, including dining, a relaxing seating area or even for installing a hot tub. The veranda does not have any exterior walls apart from where it is fixed to the wall of the property.

The garden room

The garden room differs from the veranda in that it consists of three glass exterior walls plus roof. The garden room is similar to a conservatory but costs much less, very rarely needs planning permission and is easier to construct. Just like the veranda, the garden room can have multiple uses such as providing an extension of your living room, creating a dining room or a playroom for the children.

How the garden room and veranda add value to your property

When you decide to add a veranda or garden room to your property, this creates additional living space which in turn adds value to your property. Although you will have to invest money in order to construct a veranda or garden room, they will ultimately increase the value of your property if you wish to sell. It is well established that adding any additional living space to a property can increase its value from 5 percent up to 15 percent.

The value of adding a veranda or garden room

As well as the financial gains you will see from this additional living area, you will also gain a garden that you can access all year and all at a low price.

Extra living space

Both the veranda and garden room offer additional living space, with the garden room having the additional advantage of being a lockable and secure room. As a room that is attached to the home, you also have the benefit of being able to enjoy garden views.

Use all year round

No matter the time of year, the veranda and garden room allow you to make the most of your garden. In the UK, most home owners do not access the garden for recreation purposes from October through to March. By adding this extra living space to your home, you are allowed to enjoy the garden, no matter the time of year.

The low cost choice

For individuals who require a low cost alternative to the conservatory, then the garden room is a much cheaper option. This is due to low construction costs and manual labour expenses. The veranda is also a much cheaper alternative and can look incredibly attractive with a bespoke canopy.

If you enjoy being in your garden, want to create additional space in your home and wish to do so at the lowest possible price, then installing a veranda or garden room is incredibly advantageous. You will also have the added bonus of increasing the value of your property.

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