All You Need to Know About Paving Before Installation on Your Property

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It’s time that you went in for a new driveway as your current one is old, cracked and filled with potholes. Sure, you can try and handle the job on your own, but since paving asphalt requires heavy machinery, it may be a good idea to contact professional contractors, just search online for paving in Dublin, and that should get you the contact information you need. But before you call in the contractor, there are a few things that you need to know about paving. At the least, you need to know more about the process involved so that you can be sure that the contractor is doing a good job and not a half baked one.


  • Research: Before you hire the first paving contractor, it would be advisable to learn all you can about paving and the process involved. Additionally, you may want to sort through the various paving contractors, based on their experience, expertise as well as the reviews that they had received from other customers. Make a short list as this can come handy when choosing the contractor to handle your paving project.

  • Remove the old surface: The first thing that a contractor would be required to do is to remove the old driveway. He may break apart the surface with sledgehammers, drill and other equipment to remove the driveway and to expose the ground underneath.

  • To grade the driveway: Once he has removed all evidence of the old driveway, he would then grade it so that it slopes gently. He undertakes this part so that any water on the driveway runs off to the side or to the bottom, without stagnating on the driveway itself as it can cause it to weaken and collapse as well.

  • Compact the soil: Once the contractor has exposed the natural soil underneath, he would then use heavy machinery to compact the underlying soil. It is vital that the soil is properly compacted so as to reduce any air pockets underneath. Once he has compacted the soil, he would then cover it with crushed rock (8 inches), especially if the underlying soil happens to be clay. The crushed rock will allow water and other fluids to drain properly and can help provide your driveway with a strong foundation. Just remember that you need to allow for at least a week to let the soil settle once you have compacted it.

  • Asphalt size: Now that your contractor has prepared your driveway, he would get ready to pave the same with asphalt. You need to choose the thickness for the same and it is advised to opt for an aggregate that is at least ½ inch thick for residential driveways and a 3/4th inch thick for commercial driveways. As for the layer thickness, you may want to opt for 2 to 3 inches to give your driveway with a better, finish.


These are some of the things that you may want to keep in mind as you search online for paving in Dublin, and get ready to have your driveway repaved all over again. Just remember that the process is simple enough but it always pays to hire a professional to handle it unless you feel that you have the required expertise to handle it on your own. Make sure that your contractor signs an agreement before starting on the project and provides you with a timeframe by which the project would be complete. A few of them may even cut corners to try and finish the project faster and it is up to you to ensure that the work they carry out is as per specs and results in a strong and durable driveway.