Alternative Flooring's Wool Eco Family

If there's one trend we can safely predict for 2016 it's the trend to be more discerning. Alternative Flooring is a company that know how and what we decide to purchase is becoming increasingly important, with careful consideration about the brands we buy from and how ethical their products are.

From the food we eat, to the fabric and textiles we wear and have in our home, we make conscious decisions of what is best for our families and ourselves. It is not everyone prerogative but its appeal is growing. So at Alternative it is our aim to provide the discerning buyer a range of eco carpets in different textures and weaves to suit everyone’s style.’ 

Lorna Haigh, head of creative and marketing

Wool Pebble

Their family of undyed wool carpets is therefore growing. It began with the chunky Wool Pebble, the cosy Wool Knot, and the hand-woven Wool Barefoot – inviting you to throw off your shoes and feel this deep pile luxury carpet. The new member to join this comfy clan is Wool Crafty.

Wool Barefoot, Wool Pebble and Wool Knot

Wool Crafty is a flatweave carpet, hand woven on traditional handlooms. It's kind to you and the environment and is the ultimate understatement in natural wool. But not only is it eco-friendly, it's also stylish and chic and reflects the latest fashion trends.

Wool Crafty - Houndstooth

It has fun, catchy names too. The Houndstooth is a canine check that walks straight off the catwalk onto our floors and is bang on trend this season. Colour combinations include Basset, Beagle, Harrier and Whippet.

Diamond is a classy little geometric in Princess, Lasque, Briolette and Marquise.

Cross is a subtle linear plaid in Celtic, Maltese, Fusilly and Trefoil.

Wool Crafty Houndstooth, Diamond and Cross Fusilly

A wool rich carpet is as warm and welcoming as an open fire. It's sophisticated, luxurious, naturally soft, comfortable underfoot and will absorb sound. Something that can often be appreciated in a busy family home. Like all natural fabrics however, these craft products, which are hand woven, are not uniform and do not display a machine made finish. But we happen to think that irregularities, and small imperfections on the surface just add to the natural beauty of the carpets in the collection.

There's no doubt that Alternative Flooring feel passionate about what they walk on. Passionate about ethical, sustainably sourced products, and also innovation and creativity. They understand that flooring is a major investment and that's why their customers can expect great service, support and inspiration.

This lovable CoolBrand is 100% committed to making a difference and ensuring our floors feel good and our planet stays healthy.

Wool Crafty is £52 per square metre from Alternative Flooring.

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