An Apartment in Moscow for a Globe Trotting Family

This newly renovated apartment in the centre of Moscow is the work of interior designer Anna Kovalchenko. The two bedroom apartment occupies around 80 square metres and is now the home of a family of four. We were interested to know a bit more about the inspiration for the design so we asked Anna a few questions.

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1. How many rooms are there exactly and who lives here?

There are 2 bedrooms (the master bedroom and the kids room), living room, kitchen, bathroom, entryway and balcony. It is the home of a family of 4 with two kids of 4 and 8 years old (a girl and a boy)

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2. What was the client brief?

The clients wanted the apartment to reflect their love for travel, so we have chosen different themes for each room – Greece for the kitchen and balcony, Africa for the living room, the tropical islands of the Indian Ocean for the kids room and bathroom, and an urban hotel style for the bedroom. They requested that we would mainly use natural materials - stone, wood, with some rustic elements introduced into the design. For the kids room they asked for bunk beds and also plenty of storage.

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They also specified that the living room should be an area where all family will unite and also meet with friends - they asked for a fireplace with a real fire, huge sofa that could be converted into a bed. In terms of a colour scheme they said they would prefer vivid colours everywhere accept in the bedroom which they wanted to be more relaxed and tranquil.

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3. What particular improvements have you made?

I was involved in all stages of the renovation project - starting from developing a concept, planning, sourcing materials and furniture, and construction works supervision. I made the floor plans for each room and also designed most of the furniture - bunk beds with a hammock, wardrobes in the kids room, bedroom and entryway, and the living room cupboards with a built in fireplace. All these elements were custom manufactured specially for this project. As the clients asked we used natural, expensive materials - e.g. marble and solid teak for the bathroom, American walnut veneer for the wardrobes in the entryway, oak wood for flooring and kids room furniture, handmade brass handles for all cupboards. As for the hammock in the kids room - the clients wanted it to be very strong so that it could support adult weight as well, so we made it of the same net used for yachts and catamarans and reinforced with a metal carcass. They brought lots of paintings from their travels so we used them to decorate the walls.

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4. What aspect of the renovation are you most happy with?

I was really excited while designing the kids room - I suggested to the client that we make it in a Robinson Crusoe style and she really loved the idea. It was so much fun and I am very happy with the result and the kids reaction.

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5. Where do you get your inspiration from?

The main inspiration came from travel - the clients have traveled a lot in Africa, Asia,and  Europe and they asked me to introduce elements that would remind them of these trips. I spent lots of time looking through various travel magazines and thinking what to introduce in the design. The biggest challenge was to unite it all so the whole apartment would look like one whole.

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6. What has been the clients' reaction to the finished project?

They told me that I helped them to make their dream come true.

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Special credits:

Photographer : Olga Shangina

Interior Stylist : Ekaterina Naumova