Arthur Hooper's Restaurant & Bar Debuts A New Weekend Brunch Menu

Overlooking London’s historic Borough Market, Arthur Hooper’s restaurant and bar has launched a new weekend brunch menu.

Victorian Arthur Hooper was a charming fruit salesman, who once occupied 8 Stoney Street. Recently derelict, the building’s historical ties to food and the local community have been lovingly restored.

Chef Lale Oztek’s selection of European plates are inspired by fresh nutritious ingredients and flavours. The delicious weekend brunch menu features toasted homemade brioche with Cornish clotted cream and a morello cherry jam, baked egg on an aubergine parmigiana, pure sizzling pork sausages and a delicate hot smoked salmon pate with poached eggs and sourdough toast.

All of Arthur Hooper’s ingredients are sourced from the local market and London based suppliers including Cannon & Cannon, Bread Ahead and Androuet. Seasonal specials will also be made available throughout the year.

"We're thrilled to introduce a delicious brunch menu and cocktails, that add to the relaxed weekend buzz of Borough Market. We hope to please breakfast lovers who want seasonality, fresh produce and fine wines.” Chef Lale Oztek


The 51-seater restaurant has been designed and exclusively handcrafted by Buster + Punch. Featuring a rough jewel box interior, the design draws inspiration from historic city markets and cobbled city streets. Finishing touches include crafted steel caged light fittings, a custom hexagonal concrete floor and artworks by acclaimed artists Matt Small and Dan Hillier.

The outdoor terrace area allows guests to enjoy dining on the newly pedestrianised Stoney Street. Here guests can watch people go by and catch all the daily action from Borough Market traders.


With stunning views overlooking Borough Market, this secret space on the first floor of the restaurant, makes for an exceptional room to host special occasions, events or corporate engagements. For unique experiences, the team can arrange private wine tastings and foodie events.

Arthur Hooper’s, 8 Stoney Street, London, SE1 9AA. Telephone: 0207 940 0169 Email:  OPENING TIMES: Monday - Saturday: 11am- 11pm, Sunday: 11am - 5pm