At Home With Hannah Russell From Layer Home

Hannah Russell is one half of the mother-daughter team at Layer Home, and founder member of new online interiors community at{mine}, which helps design lovers to discover real interiors from across the globe. You can sign up now to become part of the at{mine} community and discover the inspirational stories, people and brands behind beautiful real interiors today.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I moved back from living and working in Berlin last year and am now based in Peckham. Having always imagined I would be a journalist or a creative of some sort, I sort of fell into a career in technology. I absolutely love it now and wouldn't have it any other way. I've worked with small growing companies and love the freedom to get involved in so many different aspects of a business - I'm even dipping my toe into the water doing some basic coding at the moment for a new business initiative called Layer that I recently founded. 

I discovered my love of beautiful midcentury and antique furniture whilst I was living in Berlin, visiting different flea markets all over the city every weekend. Since I've come back to the UK I took this passion even further by founding Layer with my Mum. My Mum has the best eye for style and design of anyone I've ever met and it's amazing to work with her on this! We produce content twice a week about styling different interiors spaces with the fusion of old and new pieces, interviews with traders of antique and midcentury furniture and before/after shots of renovations. We're planning to develop the website and have some big plans coming this Summer! 

Where do you live?

I live on a street of beautiful Victorian terraces in Peckham, South-East London and my house is the odd one out at the end of the street! It was built within the last twenty years or so and was a bit of an ugly duckling when we first bought it. 

I adore living in the area - perfectly squashed between Peckham and Camberwell, opposite the Art College. I also have a desk at a local co-working space called The Office Club in Peckham so I spend a lot of time in the area. It feels like a community - I go down to a juice stall called Ali Baba's to get my morning juice before work most days and I love that there's loads of new places to eat and drink popping up all the time. 

Who do you live with?

I live with my boyfriend, Tom, and my sister, Faith. 

Tell us a little bit about your home.

The house had been rented out to students for a long time when we first purchased the property, and so it was very tired and run down. The downstairs was dark and cramped and all of the bedrooms were weird shapes upstairs. 

We did a huge amount of renovation work, which I project managed myself. I'm lucky that my Mum has been working in the property industry for over twenty years so she could point me in all the right directions - we called in all the favours we could think of from family members and friends! 

Now, it's a beautiful place to live and I love coming home here everyday. My favourite space is the courtyard in the summer. It feels so much bigger since we painted it white - we even held a small yoga class out here a few weeks ago. Admittedly there were only three students! 

What made you choose to live here in this property?

After viewing three other disastrous properties the same day, this house was the last one that we viewed and first impressions were that it was a run-down ugly duckling house on a beautiful road! Once we were inside it was clear that there was a huge amount of potential. Having the outside space also made a huge difference to the decision - it's such a treat to have your own private garden in London. 

What improvements have you made?

Everything! We rallied the troops and the place was completely gutted. The kitchen and living room area was the focus as we knocked down a wall to make everything open plan but had to make sure that there were still enough zones for all the functions of a house that we needed. 

I was lucky that I could beg, steal and borrow a lot of furniture from my Mum and other family members when we first moved in, but since then I've been picking up special pieces from the markets that we go to and the traders that we visit. I particularly love midcentury pieces - and I'm so enjoying learning about the different eras and designers.  

What's your favourite room?

It's not strictly a room, but definitely the courtyard. Or more accurately, the courtyard and kitchen when we pull back the huge bi-fold doors and the whole area feels like one big outside-inside space. 

I've got vintage mirrors and garden furniture which give the space outside some colour and a wall of herbs which I'm fruitlessly trying to keep alive. 

How has your home interior been inspired by your fellow at{mine} community members?

The at{mine} community is just amazing and it's so lovely to be able to get a sneak peak into people's homes. I'm so nosy that I could spend hours snooping around. It's great when you see colour schemes or combinations of different types of furniture thrown together that you wouldn't otherwise have thought about. 

Describe your perfect day spent at home. 

I love to potter about the house - so a Saturday morning for me is almost always spent at home. I like to have a leisurely breakfast of avocado on toast, some fresh mint tea and sit out in the garden to acclimatise to the day. I'll do a bit of yoga or some chores, and I love to move things around in the house. My boyfriend always says that he never knows what the house is going to look like when he comes back from a trip! 

Been inspired by what you’ve seen? You can find more lovely images of Hannah’s home over on at{mine}. Don’t forget, to sign up now to become part of the at{mine} community and discover the inspirational stories, people and brands behind beautiful real interiors today.