At Home With Hello Mrs Eve

Kea from Hello Mrs Eve is a German interiors blogger and founder member of new online interiors community at{mine}, which helps design lovers to discover real interiors from across the globe. Heart Home readers are exclusively invited to sign up now to become part of the at{mine} community and discover the inspirational stories, people and brands behind beautiful real interiors today.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Kea, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Wiesbaden and Berlin. In addition to my job my second passion is interior design. For this past year I’ve been sharing this love for furniture and decoration on my blog hello-mrs-eve. I have also just set up an on-and-offline community for female Berlin bloggers. The first meetings with the girls have been so inspiring – I love seeing them supporting and encouraging each other.

2. Where do you live?

My homebase is Wiesbaden, a city in the south-west of Germany, but since January I have also had an apartment in Berlin, so commute every three weeks back and forth.

3. Who do you live with?

In Wiesbaden I live with my husband and our two cheeky cats, whose playfulness thwart all my ideas for houseplants or still-lifes of porcelain vases! During my time in Berlin  I have my little own place, my “girls-room”, as I call it.  Writing it down, it reminds me of Carrie’s single apartment in Sex and the City, that she keeps while living together with Big.

4.  Tell us a little bit about your home.

I immediately fell in love with our flat in Wiesbaden when I saw the pictures on the internet. It’s an Altbau maisonette with five small rooms. Our bedroom is so tiny, there is just enough room for the bed and a little wardrobe – but the small rooms with pitched roofs make it cosy in no time. There are many details, like old wooden doors and windows. The brick wall in the kitchen was a lucky chance – after water damage in the adjoining house the plaster had to be removed to dry the wall. Fortunately, I was able to persuade the owner to keep it that way.

5. What made you choose to live here in this property?

In Wiesbaden we live in a small district within the old city walls of an old castle that sits on a hill above our house. We are surrounded by half-timbered houses and woken by the bells of a church built in the 15th century right next to our house. It is an idyllic place to live and I love the woods around us. As much as I enjoy living there, I also need the contrast and big city environment of Berlin. The lively atmosphere, plenty little shops, cafés and galleries, creative people everywhere – I am inspired wherever I look. I’m so lucky to call two places like this my home.

6. What improvements have you made? 

Since it is an apartment for rent, our possibilities for changes are limited. But if I could: I would replace the laminate with floorboard, there is nothing better than a creaky wooden floor under naked feet. I would also get rid of the carpet in the staircase and add a bath tub – the only thing, I’m really missing on cold winter days.

7.  What’s your favourite room?

My dining room. First, I was unsure if the wallpaper would be too much for the small room, but I love the result. It's a great place to sit with friends and have dinner not being disturbed by television or the waiting dirty dishes. When I sit at the table, I automatically relax and and enjoy the moment.

8. How has your home interior been inspired by your fellow at{mine} community members?

What I like about at{mine} is the great variety of styles. Because the members come from all over the world, I get a variety of ideas how to decorate, paint walls or use home textiles to create a certain atmosphere. There is no “right way to do it”  – English country style, Scandinavian purity, easy bohemian homes, everything is possible. I  benefit from the diversity – it makes me search for my very own style and not a fixed given answer; how to make a house a home.

9. Describe your perfect day spent at home.

The first thing I see in the morning is the smile of my husband. Since we spend only half our time together, we value our togetherness as much more precious. In summer, we have breakfast outside in the little courtyard. Afterwards I decorate the dining room with fresh flowers from the market and try to keep my cats from eating them! Throughout the day I work at my fifties-style desk or take pictures for my next blog post.

At tea time I relax on my beloved Knoll Daybed, going through interior magazines, surrounded by many cushions and my soft blanket. In the evening friends come over for dinner and we laugh and talk late into the night.

Been inspired by what you’ve seen? You can find more lovely images of Kea’s home over on at{mine}. Don’t forget, Heart Home readers are exclusively invited to sign up now to become part of the at{mine} community and discover the inspirational stories, people and brands behind beautiful real interiors today.