AUSDRIE – first brand of handmade table linen launches

Following a global trend for fine-crafted goods, AUSDRIE : Handmade has brought to light their first line of handmade table linen.

The brand features only premium fabrics of 100% flax/cotton for long-lasting quality and superb presence. The large tablecloths weight in average a stunning 1.4KG making them a bold companion of any table setting.

And you might wonder, what difference does handmade embroidery make?

Well, it turns out that a lot.  Machine-made embroidery for example is done on a single layer using only one type of thread. The end result is flat-looking designs that look more like the printing on a t-shirt. On the contrary, handmade embroidery is done by multi-layering hundreds of stitches using different types of threads. Such meticulous work yields vivid and rich designs that embellish the body of the fabric in perfect unison.

Their line also features table runners and square/rounded tablecloths embroidered with different techniques to appeal to all tastes.


The products are currently only available in the U.K. and the U.S.A. but the good news is that they ship for free in both countries!

To view a full line of their products please visit their store at: