Bank Holiday DIY - Upcycle a Mid-Century Sideboard

A long weekend is the perfect time to flex your DIY skills and create something with far more character than any flat-pack purchase. Treated properly, charity shop furniture can look stunning and can be completely transformed with just a lick of paint and some paper. And voila! You have an item and that is completely tailored to your taste.

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Here’s how the people at Rust-Oleum upcycled a vintage sideboard found in a British Heart Foundation charity shop for just £15 and turned it into a mid-century, modern display unit.

Before and After

Before and After

You Will Need:

  • Rust-Oleum Satin Finish Furniture Paint

  • Self-adhesive wallpaper

  • Paint brush 

  • Masking tape

  • Tape measure

  • Paint stirrer and paint tin opener 

  • Paint roller and tray

  • Scissors

  • Screwdriver

  • Cloth for cleaning

Bank Holiday DIY - Upcycle a Mid-Century Sideboard (2).jpg


1. Clean the furniture thoroughly, remove handles and mask any areas you do not wish to paint with masking tape.

2. Take your can of Rust-Oleum Satin Finish Furniture Paint (we used the colour Slate) and stir thoroughly.

Satin Finish Furniture Paint requires no sanding or priming on most surfaces, so you can get cracking straight away. Using a roller for large areas and a brush for harder to reach nooks and crannies, paint the unit and leave to fully dry. You may need up to three coats.

3. Measure the area you wish to cover with self-adhesive wallpaper and cut to size.

4. Apply your wallpaper, smoothing any bumps or bubbles with your hand as you go.

Rust-Oleum Satin Finish Furniture Paint, now available at Dunelm, is perfect for upcycle projects, as this clever one-step paint requires no sanding, priming or topcoat.

The superior, silk-touch satin finish comes in two of Rust-Oleum’s most popular shades, which have been carefully curated to enhance contemporary interiors.