Be Brave! It’s Time to Embrace Colour in Your Bathroom

Step inside your bathroom – what do you see? White, cream, and a bit of beige? Yup, we thought so. Of all the rooms in the home, the bathroom is the one that’s likely to be suffering a bit of neutral overload. We blame memories of our parents’ avocado suites of course. So, it really is time to stop being scared of colour in the bathroom. Here are our essential tips on adding vibrant, gorgeous colour without making your space look dated.

Towels and accessories - House of Fraser

Towels and accessories - House of Fraser

Accent with Textiles

Before you reach for the roller and paint tray, it’s important to understand just how easy it is to add colour to your bathroom without resorting to a complete makeover. Like any room in the home, textiles and soft furnishings can be used to great effect when punctuating a room with colour. From curtains, to bath mats, to towels, there are lots of accessories that can add a punch of colour.

Embrace the Paintbrush

If you plan to paint, brace yourself for a real transformation, whether you go bold and coat the whole space or add a striking feature wall.

Pastels look pretty of course, but we think that jewel tones can’t be matched for a super-luxe feel. Aubergine, teal, and emerald green look amazing paired with gold or bronze metallics. Keep the bathroom suite crisp white and prepare to be dazzled.

Accessories - Homesense

Accessories - Homesense

Make Your Basin Pop

Think about it – on a normal day, how long do you spend above the basin? From shaving beards and scrubbing cheeks, to chopping nails and flossing gums, the sink doesn’t half see some usage. So it’s important to make it a happy and colourful place to be. 

There are a couple of options here, beyond changing the wall colour:

·         You could add some gorgeous tiles to the splashback – take a look at these beauties .

·         You could choose a sink surround in a stand-out colour.

·         Opt for a beautiful mirror in a metallic colour.

Towels and accessories - Debenhams

Towels and accessories - Debenhams

Liven Up Your Tired Floor

When it comes to decorating, the floor is often a neglected facet – but why? After all, we look at it just as often as vertical surfaces. We say, don’t abandon your floor; instead, spruce it up by laying a colourful rug or two. The result? Your floor will feel warmer, more welcoming and look good to boot.

Wallpaper Direct

Wallpaper Direct

Hang Wallpaper or Wall Art

Like carpet, the use of wallpaper is often frowned upon in bathrooms, but we have no idea why. Contemporary wallpaper pastes are more than capable of withstanding the steam and moisture of a bathroom; some are even waterproof. The beauty of wallpaper is that it’s available in a range of colours and patterns, helping you to make a real statement in your bathroom.

As the guys at JL Bathrooms explain, “there’s no need to be afraid of colour in your bathroom – this is probably the best room in the house to show some quirky personality, so get inventive with cheeky wallpaper in bold colours and prints. Though if you’re opting for bold walls, keep a crisp, white bathroom suite to set it off.”

Inject Fun with a Kooky Shower Curtain

Provided you haven’t ditched the drape in favour of a glass screen, your next step should be to add a bright, no holds barred shower curtain to your bathroom. These days it’s possible to pick up a curtain in about any colour, style you desire – so why waste time on a crummy white or plain one?

Get yourself over to Café Press, and you can choose a funky curtain that will inject a bit of joy into your daily routine.  From floral prints to famous skylines, the choice of shower curtains is quite extraordinary.