Bespoke Plywood Doors for IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

And not just doors, but drawer fronts, worktops and cover panels especially designed to turn standard IKEA kitchen base cabinets into the kitchen you've always wanted...

Launched in April 2017 Plykea Ltd is owned by two friends who met at university back in 1999. Tim is co-founder and design director of Normally, a digital product and service design agency in London. Adam is founder and owner of Adam Vergette Ltd, a furniture and product design studio also based in London. Having previously been head of production for high end furniture company Vitsœ Adam knew exactly how to manufacture the fronts to ensure a perfect fit that didn’t cost a fortune. Once they had completed the kitchen it struck them there was an opportunity to combine their skills and address a gap in the market providing beautifully made, reasonably priced fronts and worktops for standard IKEA kitchen base cabinets, and so Plykea was born.

The fronts and worktops are constructed from FSC certified plywood. Precisely manufactured to fit perfectly onto IKEA’s Metod base cabinets and each piece is carefully finished by hand. First they are sanded smooth with an ultra fine grit sandpaper before applying two coats of premium quality hard wax oil to bring out the natural grain of the wood whilst providing a durable, water resistant finish.

And of course, Formica is available in almost limitless colour options. Free colour samples can be ordered from the Formica Website.  There is an option of three different handle types, or alternatively items can be provided with no handle if you intend to use push to open hinges or want to use your own handles.

More information can be found on the Plykea website.