10 must haves for your home once you're over 30

Once you've reached the age of 30, you're officially an adult. Well, that's what my Mum told me at least. Gone are the student days and your mid-twenties, where you're establishing yourself in a career and maybe meeting a 'life partner'. Things are getting serious and that means your home décor (even if you're renting), needs to step on from band posters without frames and beer can mountains. But what will really make your home look like a grown up's? What must-haves should be in every 30 something des res? Read our list and find out! Andrew Boyd for Heart Home mag 2


It might sound a little pretentious, but art is something that can stay with you for a lifetime and can really mark a certain time and place in your life. Start collecting little things when you're young and it might even become a profitable pastime. With events like the Affordable Art Fair in London, it doesn't even have to cost you a fortune. Just try and acquire a piece that means something to you.

A power shower

Nothing says young professional like a proper power shower. No more low water pressure and drip drip showers for you. Not only will they really wake you up in the morning, but a power shower can look incredibly stylish in your bathroom, helping give it a sleek, modern look. Take a look at power showers from Mira to find a particularly good one.

Paul Craig for Heart Home mag

Matching towels

It's no longer OK to give your house guests a random tatty towel that you've had for years, probably with an 'ironic' cartoon character on. Get at least two sets of classy matching towels that you'll be proud to give to the in-laws when they come to stay.

House plants

Plants can help make a home feel more permanent, particularly if you rent. Choose something tall and substantial that can become a centrepiece rather than buying lots of smaller plants.

A decent mattress and headboard

If there's one piece of furniture to invest in during your adult life, it's your bed. Choose a quality mattress to keep you comfy and help with a good night's sleep, and an interesting headboard for a bit of character.

Andrew Boyd for Heart Home mag

A collection

A great discussion point for any home is a collection. Start one while you're young and enjoy displaying interesting objet d'art, quirky furniture or souvenirs of your travels.

Bathroom accessories that aren't plastic

Wave goodbye to things you bought at Wilkinsons or Poundland, and upgrade to bathroom accessories that have a bit of weight and class to them. A ceramic soap dish for example.

Jon Day for Heart Home mag


Candles can really add personality to a room, as well as making it smell beautiful. Personal taste will have a big influence here, but look for something that can be a centrepiece for your living area.

Two bedside tables

Not only will it mean not squabbling over storage space if you're in a couple, two bedside tables will help make your bedroom symmetrical, giving it a more mature and cohesive feel.

A throw

A luxurious throw can really put a finishing touch on your living room décor, brightening a plain sofa or a chair.

So there are our 10 home décor must-haves for when you've moved out of your 20s. Don't be alarmed by the onset of your 30s. Embrace it and your home will look and feel that much nicer for it.