5 Creative Lighting Ideas To Try At Home

Clever lighting in any home can help generate a feeling of space, cosyness and character. This guide from Scott Wood at onefinestay will outline 5 clever lighting techniques that can be applied to any home. Subtle but stylish

For heavy-use areas like the kitchen, sometimes a more functional yet stylish lighting solution is needed. The soft lighting from these downward lamps at BroadwickStreet serve a functional purpose, yet also help style the room too.

The focussed lighting helps draw attention to the table away from the mayhem and madness of the cooking area.

Big and bold

A statement light shade can set off the light in a spectacular way. The bronze coloured shade at Waldo road throws a golden light over the room, making for a warm and inviting dinner party table.

Experiment with different colours and styles of light shade to cast light around your home in unique ways.

Bright and breezy

At Rothwell Street, the home incorporates some fun colour and additional light with a customised sign, made of individual yellow bulbs.

The playful lighting arrangement takes you back to fairground rides of your youth or sitting round the Christmas tree lights in an instant…

Why not try the same in a child’s bedroom or in a games room to add a little fun and charm.

Backlighting for added wow factor

If you have a standout piece of furniture or artwork in your home, then backlighting can work wonders to set off the piece in all its true glory.

Take this stunning bookcase at Richmond Bridge, which is cleverly backlit with a soft light yellow. Contrasting against the black wood finish, this lighting instantly creates a dramatic effect.

Floods of light

For a more classic room styling, you will struggle to find a better lighting choice than a traditional chandelier.

 Achingly stylish in the right setting, the multiple bulb fittings in this chandelier at Prospect Place helps flood the room with light. Bulbs can also be customised to change the brightness and even colour given off by the chandelier.

Depending on the style of your home, there are a vast range of intriguing lighting styles that could be applied to give your home a real sense of depth, style and character.  Understand how you want to use the space and curate the lighting accordingly, whether it’s a heavy-duty industrial shade for a contemporary kitchen or a traditional glow for an inviting living room.