5 Gift ideas for Designer Friends


With 5 days before Christmas and still needing some gift ideas? Do you have a friend or family member who is very design conscious? Their apartment, house or flat has a very distinct style. You are never sure what to get them for Christmas or other holidays? You want to give some something with thought and appropriate for them. Difficult isn't it? You could give them chocolates or a lovely scented candle, but as thoughtful and pleasant as they are, they are eaten or burn away. I have been thinking about this, I have a few friends that are a little conscious of their style. If we break down the styles we can then get some ideas.

The minimalist style likes things very simple, unfussy, straight lines and neutral colours. Sometimes the style could useΒ  a little greenery. A snake plant has many of these elements but still conforms to the basic themes. It is simple, a very unfussy plant but adds some fresh green, plus the gentle curve of the plant adds a little softness to a strict minimal style.

2nd gift idea for a vintage style, a collector of treasures, the sofa could come from Oxfam, the local 2nd hand shop is where they found the side table. Styles and period could be different. But that doesn't matter, an authentic piece works with anything. Maybe they splashed out at Sotheby's for a mirror. A vintage style could always use more picture frames, all given a coat of white paint, will definitely go with all.

A friend out in the country? All cosy and comfort? squishy sofas, a coffee table to put your feet up in front of the fire? Help them relax with comfortable cushions:

Back in town there is a friend who has everything white, white floor, walls, the shades, the sofa is covered in white, the table is painted white. A present for them, this should be easy a big bright red... no, no, you want to be thoughtful, considerate, tasteful, something to last. A white glass vase is always elegant:

A relative has a very comfortable shabby chic style flat, it has soft whites, grays and some rose printed fabrics. The side table has the soft curve of cabriole legs, a glass chandelier is hanging in the room. Candle holders in glass with some crystals hanging on them. That would be a beautiful present and one to keep.

There are many more styles to think about and to consider for friends and family, but really I think it is just best to come with a smile, the love in your heart, an embrace and maybe a bottle of wine. Merry Christmas xx.