5 Tips For Preparing Your Spring Garden

The Spring season is finally here, and for those of us who enjoy spending time outside and managing our yards, that means it's time to prepare the garden for the warm months of the year. Spring gardening can be not only a great hobby, but a relaxing activity that also serves to improve your home atmosphere during the brightest and warmest seasons. So, with that in mind, here are 5 tips for how to prepare your garden for Spring planting and the Summer that lies ahead. houzz 2

1. Get Rid Of Pests For many people, the idea of getting rid of garden pests comes up too late - when the pests are already eating away at plants and causing problems. However, it is possible to take steps toward pest control before your spring garden is even fully planted. For one thing, using chemicals to get rid of pests is better before you have plants, as it keeps the chemicals from coming into contact with seedlings. Additionally, you can explore more natural methods of pest control, such as inviting birds into your garden with birdbaths and bird feeders. Birds can be incredibly effective getting rid of your pests.

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2. Trim Out Excess Plants The end of the winter season is a great time to get rid of the plants you either no longer want, or have not enjoyed. This is so for a very simple reason: plants, at least deciduous ones, take up less space in the winter. It is easier to remove or restrain them, and easier to plot your garden, when flowers and leaves are not taking up space and obstructing vision. Before it gets too warm and your unwanted plants begin to flower, trim out anything you don't want.

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3. Purchase Gardening Supplies There are many different places to purchase new gardening supplies for the upcoming season, from your local gardening store, to a source like MySmartBuy online. From basic garden shears, to pots and watering cans, to more advanced trimmers, cutters, and other tools, you can always use new supplies before planting and maintaining your spring garden.

4. Clean Thoroughly We've already covered the concept of getting rid of dead or unwanted plants. However, it's also a good idea to take some time to do a very thorough cleaning of your garden space before you start planting again. Dead leaves, underbrush, overgrown grass, and even pollution can gradually accumulate on your garden floor, and all of these things can be very annoying when you start to plant and care for your new spring garden. Getting them out of the way early will only prove convenient later.

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5. Order Your New Plants Finally, give some thought to what you'd like to plant, and go ahead and order seeds. You may want to specifically consider plants that flower in warm weather, so that you can enjoy what you plant this spring in just a few months' time!

All images from Houzz.