A guide to lighting your home

A little glint from a dark corner or an array of twinkling lights in your ceiling can add intrigue to a dull space instantly. Your home is one of the spaces you can make this happen. Not only can you make a romantic space to live in but also a relaxing one which will bring down your stress levels and improve your life.

Lighting your home is really the massive cherry on top and you must do this as an exercise.  For all your hard-earned possessions and space around you to be badly lit would be a sin, so I've come up with some simple lighting tips:

1. Always have a massive stash of candles - scented, candelabra style or tea lights, make sure you always have a mixture on hand of these to play with. Pop tea lights in little jars for a twinkly effect.


Image - Not on the High Street

2. Start with the lights turned off and work your way up to the required light - this gives you the skill to see the things that deserve illumination and what is best kept hidden. Pick out particular things you adore or illuminate your mirror for instantly glamorous effect.

lamp plus

Image - Lamp Plus

3. Lamps are an essential, don't use main lights in a room unless they are on a low wattage, even then I would highly recommend keeping them off unless you're searching for a contact lens.

curiosities blog

Image - Curiosities blog

4. Never use down lighters, notice next time you're in a restaurant the way it changes your face, hardly flattering.

elizabeth danon

Image - Elizabeth Danon Interiors

5. Use fairy lights around windows it gives your home a welcoming glow from the outside. You can use small tacs to fit them into place. For a subtle effect on your inside walls put mesh fabric over the top of the fairy lights.

oh,hello friend

 Image - Oh hello friend blog

Once you have experimented with your lighting I can assure you will feel a difference in your mood. Use what you already have and then add to your collection of lights as you go.