A Guide To Lighting Your Home In A Contemporary Way


With an almost limitless selection of lighting styles available, you’re not going to be at a loss to find the perfect light as there are so many to choose from.  Each kind of lighting has a different effect on a room, whether it’s halogen, incandescent or task, to name but a few. When choosing, think of each room separately and what kind of atmosphere you want to create. Hallway This is your welcome room. It’s the area that guests are first going to step into and so it is going to give them that first impression.  It’s important to make this room as warm and inviting as possible, and lighting is the perfect way of doing that.

Softer lighting in the hallway is always great for creating atmosphere. Hanging pendants, lanterns , chandeliers or wall sconces are perfect for creating this effect. By combining these lighting styles with strategically placed, large scale mirrors, you can create the perfect atmosphere to welcome your guests.


Living room This is the room where you spend most of your time relaxing and where you usually entertain guests. Due to its multi-functionality, it's advisable to ensure you have the best possible control over your lighting. Dimmer switches are a fantastic way of achieving this, allowing you to set the mood with a simple adjustment of the brightness. Well placed lamps and floor-standing lights are also great. Place them next to chairs and sofas so they can double as reading lights.


Kitchen For the perfect kitchen lighting, you want to focus on functionality. You're kitchen is primarily a work space, so you don't want it so badly lit that it's going to cause accidents. However, that doesn't mean light needs to be garish or unattractive, as kitchens can also double as a social area.

A string of maybe four halogen lights can be used to light the room, while a series of task lights can be placed under cupboards to light the surfaces and allow you to see what you're doing.


Bathroom You will probably want a mix of lighting for the bathroom. You want a good amount of light to light the room, to allow you to see what you are doing when getting ready, however you don't what it to be too harsh either. A few halogen spots should suffice, perhaps with a dimmer so lights can be lowered while you bathe.

Task lights around the mirror are also a good idea. These don't need to be too harsh and can still allow shadow to fall favourably on your face.


Getting the job done Of course, creating the perfect lighting is about more than just changing a few bulbs. To create the perfect effect, you want to have lighting placed strategically in the right positions. This will most likely require some professional electrical help. Luckily, there are sites online that can help you find the ideal electrician for the job. They will have been reviewed by customers, so you’ll know what to expect.

Images via House to Home.