A Magical Plant Lined Sanctuary…Right on your Doorstep

Do you realise that there is somewhere you could go to unwind, breathe more easily, enjoy nature, admire beautiful surroundings and even pursue your hobbies, without leaving home? Sounds like a tall order?

wiltshire 02

Well it is possible if you use the design service from leading wooden greenhouse company Gabriel Ash Ltd.

Forget bland aluminium and glass “boxes”, Gabriel Ash greenhouses, glass houses and plant houses provide  light, bright additional space at your property, while creating a structure of great beauty.

rhs collection the portico 5

Using traditional skills and modern engineering techniques, Gabriel Ash produces a range of free standing or lean-to buildings out of naturally-rot resistant red cedar wood.

It is the only company to have its entire product range accredited by the Royal Horticultural Society.

However, Gabriel Ash is finding that greenhouses as lovely as theirs are increasingly not just for growing things.

rhs collection grand glasshouse 2

A plant lined sanctuary, heated and ventilated all year round, making the best of natural light, means greenhouses make cost effective home extensions.

They are a great place to do crafts, read or generally just sit and relax, and also have fun “growing your own” too.

rhs collection combi serre plus rangement 2

The finishing touches of many greenhouses in the UK are such things as washed out paint finishes; old baskets,  glass jars and bottles; pots and bowls full of colourful blooms; porcelain sinks and chimney pots for planting; colourful rugs and cushions; and even rusted metal work.

So, wooden Gabriel Ash greenhouses offer a world of possibilities, right on your doorstep.