A Match Made in Heaven - Zoe Darlington for Sheila Bownas

We're very excited here at Heart Home, because this spring sees the launch of an exciting new product range under the creative direction of Birmingham based lampshade designer, Zoe Darlington and Chelsea Cefai from the Sheila Bownas Archive. Zoe Darlington for Sheila Bownas - Stella 1


The collection comprises twelve pieces across three patterns by Sheila Bownas - Stella, Alice and Ida. United by a shared focus on design, quality and craftsmanship, Zoe and Chelsea have translated their ideas into a beautiful selection of lamps and cushions.

Zoe Darlington for Sheila Bownas - Ida


Bownas’s historical patterns in luxury wools and robust cottons sit beautifully with coordinating colours and textured linens. This collection naturally pairs Zoë Darlington’s signature take on tradition with wit with a stunning example of English design heritage.

Zoe Darlington for Sheila Bownas - Alice


The distinctive pieces will be available online at www.zoedarlington. co.uk and www.sheilabownas.com from Monday 11th March.

About Sheila Bownas:

The prolific talent of Sheila Bownas was hidden from everyone and even her family until after her death in 2007. When relatives took a look around her home in Linton, near Skipton, they were amazed to discover hundreds of paintings and textile designs in her small Dales studio.  

At an auction in 2008 Chelsea Cefai took the plunge and purchased an entire collection of surface pattern designs by the late English artist.  Having previously worked for an Art Gallery and Museum, Chelsea valued the importance of keeping the archive together and retaining its preservation for the future. Some of Sheila's designs have not been in production for over half a century and Chelsea is faithfully bringing a selection of these patterns back to life. The archive dates back to the 1950s and spans thirty years.