A Museum Visit


No matter how many times I visit museums, I am always fascinated and see new things, learn and get new ideas. The old work always inspires. Yesterday I was at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. I walked in wanting to go see the exhibit on Edward Lear, but I was completely side tracked by the Egyptian carvings. IMG_0793




These were carvings on a stone wall. In a time long before films, television and the internet, the stories of the peoples lives were carved onto walls, the need to tell the story with images was alive then as now. We have other methods. But look at the lines and the relationships of the animals to the people and how they stare at one another.


This mixture of carving and painting into the stone struck me for its modernity, the lines so simple and graphic.


And of course the colours, the turquoise and rich brown on the soft yellow sandstone. It is a good way to start a new year, a visit to a museum to look at the past and see how relevant it is today. Happy New Year.