A Natural Christmas


I have a very dear friend who lives in the country. She a special touch for decorating and making a home filled with things made by hand. For holidays, birthdays, any reason to celebrate she will find some branches of ivy and make a wreath. She will pick a bunch of flowers, any flowers and make a bouquet, cut a branch from a tree and hang some treasures. She will always have a candle burning. We have sat by the log fire so many times I can't count. But one of the things I want to share with you is how from a branch, a collection of stones and bark, some ivy she makes natural ornaments for her home and family. It fills the home with a natural touch and a touch of nature that in turn becomes touching, you feel charmed and enchanted, at home.


The selection of ornaments for Christmas from Cox and Cox made of willow, bark, wood in shapes of wreaths, stars and hearts reminds me of so much of my dear friend. A lovely selection of ornaments for trees, doorways and mantelpieces to hang a wreath or a heart along with the mistletoe.

These ornaments will make a natural Christmas in all the symbols of an early pagan festival made from willow, leaves, bark and wood.