A Piece of Cake

Glenna Serveware Anthropologie

With a passion for baking and a love for design, my kitchen is home to a number of cake stands. A beautiful stand on which to present your creation is, so to speak, the icing on the cake. With baking still very much a popular pastime, many of our favourite retailers now stock a huge range of styles to select from. From elegant glass cake domes and brightly coloured ceramic designs to serious style statement pieces, here are some of my favourite cake stands along with a little inspiration as to what to adorn them with. Glenna Serveware Anthropologie

left: Glenna Serveware - Anthropologie, £48.00 - £88.00

right: Tres Leches Cake - The Candid Appetite

LSA Ivalo Dome

left: Ivalo Cake Dome - LSA International, £32.00 - £60.00

right: Blackberry Custard Bake - Bakers Royale

Jansen cake stand scp

 left: Jansen+Co Cake Stand - SCP, £25.50 - £49.99

right: Individual Soured Cream Cakes with Butter glaze - Buttercup Days

Toast Cake Stand

left: Madeleines - Mon Petit Bistrot

right: - Wooden Cake Stand - Toast, £42.00

Cake Stands Linda Bloomfield

 left: Thrown Porcelain Cake Stands - Linda Bloomfield, £44.00 - £82.00

right: Carrot Cake Deluxe - Call Me Cupcake

Ivalo Cake Dome LSA

left: Lotta Cake Dome - LSA International, £75.00

right: No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake - Bakers Royale

Le Creuset Cake Stand John Lewis

left: Le Creuset Cerise Cake Stand - John Lewis, £38.40

right: Sugar & Cloth

Tom Dixon Stone Stand at Heal's

left: Easy No-Bake White Chocolate Cheesecake - A Piece of Toast

right: Tom Dixon Stone Cake Stand at Heal's, £110.00