Adding Property Value Through Your Bathroom

Remodelling your bathroom can add a great deal of value to your home, you just have to make sure it is done to a tasteful, high standard. The right makeover highlights positive aspects of the room whilst minimising negative points and appeals to your potential buyers tastes – achieving this means you can a great deal of value, without spending a fortune. Olly Gordon for Heart Home mag

Painting – a quick slick of paint can transform a room, and is one of the least expensive re-modelling techniques!

Grouting – A re-grout can make a huge difference and bring out the colour of your tiles. Do you have white tiles? Update your bathroom by introducing coloured grouting (we suggest dark blue) to create a modern, trendy look.  Or use mosaic tiles to create a pretty pattern.

via Heart Home mag

Replace taps – Replica designer taps don’t cost a lot and can make a difference to the look of your bathroom. Metal taps can add to a modern, trendy room where as traditional handles can enhance a sophisticated look.

Mirror – the bigger the better!

Jon Day for Heart Home mag

Shower curtain – even the little changes can still add a great deal of value to the room for a lost cost bathroom makeover.

Bath – does your bath need a new slick of paint? Or perhaps a panel cover needs introducing?

Keep your potential buyers in mind.