Alternative to the Half Moon


Being the first week of the new year, I want to wish all a Happy New Year. Also being the first week of the new year after Christmas break (which was very good), I have jumped back into work. Today I was looking at and selecting alternative wall lights to the ubiquitous plaster half moon. The plaster half moon wall light is a good light. It is discreet and it directs light up to the ceiling and spreads out giving an indirect, diffused light, no glare, no sharp angles, just good soft light. But... as designers always say, light is such a fun material to play with that when you take a simple form like a cylinder and press holes through it you have little beams of light shining through.


Or take a a rectangle and stagger it and the light seeps up and down the openings.

Or a band of white plaster that pushes the light up and washes down the wall.

One of my favorite materials to shade light is porcelain glass, the soft diffused light is always flattering placed next to a bed or a sofa.

Another very pretty option is one of prisms and cut glass:

I like to see lots of art on walls, pictures, paintings, mirrors and love arranging them. But when there are wall lights that can't be moved for various reasons, choosing a fitting that plays with the light that makes shadows and patterns can add interest to a room in the evening, particularly a room for entertaining like the dining room. The other advantage of wall lights is it comes from the side, an attractive and flattering angle, much prettier to sit next to a loved one when the light washes across half your face. That is a Hollywood trick.

I wish all a happy and prosperous new year.Β  xx