Amazing timber work by Andrew Trotman

Swing seat by Andrew Trotman I met Andrew at an exhibition in London a couple of years ago and at the time I had just seen one of his benches in the Sir Harold Hillier Garden in Romsey where they were displaying some garden sculpture.

If you read my own blog then you'll know by now that I love timber and the possibilities it has for use in the garden.  Andrew's work is creative and brilliant and I wanted to share some pictures of his work.

Leafsprung bench by Andrew Trotman

All Andrew's furniture is a far cry from the wooden table and chair sets you find in garden centres and department stores.  His pieces double up as garden sculpture because they look beautiful too.

Wishbone seat by Andrew Trot,am

Hairpin bench by Andrew Trotman

Andrew is a Chartered Structural Engineer and he previously worked as a building design consultant.  He is a self-taught maker who has a lifelong passion for working with wood and I think his passion certainly comes across in his work.

Timber tree seat by Andrew Trotman

Cambered Bench by Andrew Trotman

Andrew's creations are a response to their surroundings and his aim is to link man and landscape together.  His designs explore the relationship between mass, balance and strength so that they not only look good, but also perform the function they are designed to provide.

I love this arched pergola...

Timber pergola by Andrew Trotman

...and this fabulous bridge...

Footbridge in Invernesshire by Andrew Trotman

There's more to Andrew's work than furniture, for full details please take some time to explore his website.


Images: Timberwright/Andrew Trotman