An Interview With Design*Sponge Blogger, Grace Bonney


How would you describe 'Design*Sponge at Home'?

Design*Sponge at Home is a design bible dedicated to not just inspiring people to create their dream homes, but giving them the tools and confidence to make it happen.

How does it feel to have your first published book?

All of the comparisons people make about giving birth are apt. I feel tired and like I need a long nap, but I'm so excited to have such a beautiful final result to all the hard work.

Did you ever imagine when you started your blog Design*Sponge, this could have been possible?

Absolutely not. I never had any goals of the site becoming my full time job. I was hoping it might act as an online portfolio to use towards applying for a job at a magazine. But it's been a happy surprise that the blog became the magazine I had always hoped to work for.

Explain what life was like before Design sponge?

Life before D*S was pretty much all about college. I had one job at a design PR firm before starting the site, so my life was pretty much about soaking up all the exciting design and art I was seeing around me in NYC. It was that work that inspired me to start the site and cover the things I was seeing around me that *weren't* being covered in magazines and on TV.

What has been your favourite aspect of putting this book together?

Getting to spend more time with people in person. So much of my work is done via email, so getting to arrange photoshoots and collaborations with people in person was endlessly inspiring and exciting.

What inspires you?

Innovation, colour and texture. If you can combine all those things, I'm in heaven. But some aspect of each in a new product always grabs me. Sometimes it's just the bright pop of purple in a wallpaper or it's the way an embroidered details pops out- those little details mean a lot to me. And of course, any time someone can truly use design to innovate or solve a problem, I'm happy.

You're in the middle of a book tour at the moment. What has the response been like?

It's been better than we could have hoped for. People have been so friendly and excited to come celebrate with us and we've really enjoyed being able to teach people craft skills at each event and getting to raise money for local arts charities. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing people with their favourite pages of the book already marked and dog-eared.

When are you coming to the UK?

We will be in London next spring, hopefully around early March.

Any exciting new projects lined up for you?

We just hired our second full-time employee and will be getting our first office space after the book tour, so we're looking forward to create a collaborative space where we can invite artists to come work with us, and a space where we can host events and workshops to connect our local creative community.

Credit: Excerpted from Design*Sponge at Home by Grace Bonney (Artisan Books, Β£20). Copyright 2011.

Individual Photo Credits: Lace Doily Table Rubber by Christine Chitnis, Monika Biegler Eyers' Bedroom by James Merell, Portrait photo by Jamie Beck.