An Olympic Feast

Food lovers take note, here is a spectacular event for you set amidst a wonderful backdrop of the globe in three-dimensions. global feast table at day

On Monday evening I was invited to join The Global Feast — a journey through the best of world food, enwrapped by Worldscape – the tallest table in the world, made from its contours, designed by atmos. Sitting somewhere near Fiji, nestled next to Tonga (the edge of the world) we were treated to a Vietnamese supper by Miss Marmite Lover and her cooking companions for the evening Uyen and Poonperm, both bloggers who wanted to show authentic Vietnamese dishes.

global feast table at night

The table, designed by atmos, is a large scale version of the world showing the contours of the world in proportion. We sit, on benches, in the sea with our plates on the shelf under the sea by the coastline and then the drinks rested on dry land. The food was served on plates designed by atmos with Stratford pin-pointed so that we can see our significance in the world.

global feast table plate

global feast map flowers

Having been treated to three tasty courses, it was time to snap some more photos as the sun set and the cities came to life with gaps created for light to stream through. A stunning feature for a wonderful dinner.

global feast starter

global feast main

If you would like to book, there is still time. Take a look at and choose the cuisine that you most want to experience, but hurry... it ends on Monday!

If you are interested in purchasing the table after it has been used for the supper clubs, then do get in touch with atmos with a generous offer.