Anglepoise: a life less ordinary

Designed by the automotive engineer George Carwardine, the ANGLEPOISE lamp is based on the ability of a new type of spring invented by Carwardine in 1932 to remain in position after being moved in every conceivable direction. Efficient and energy-saving, the Anglepoise has remained in production ever since. This unassuming product has been in the background of so many creative studios and technician's workshops helping to create the best products over the past 75 years but we forget to celebrate it. Every day, I sit at my desk with the Anglepoise lamp nesting over me shining a gentle, yellow light on to the desk. If you haven't yet lived with one of these lamps... rectify that situation as soon as possible.

Anglepoise Original_1227 red

Anglepoise Type75_floor lamp



Anglepoise Giant1227 Red

Anglepoise Giant1227 Pendant