Another Country furniture

Wooden furniture seems to be very much back in our homes again, if the London Design Festival was anything to go by. Travelling from show to show, I saw a lot of natural materials being shown off for the beauty that they are. Gone are the days of superfluous furniture and glossy finishes, leaving us with some long-lasting simple pieces that are practical and timeless. oak-stool-another-country

Another Country makes contemporary craft furniture calling on the familiar and unpretentious forms of British Country kitchen style, Shaker, traditional Scandinavian and Japanese woodwork. It’s the spirit and functionality of these honest forms of furniture that they endeavor to re-interpret for a modern customer.



With a new series on the way and celebrating one year of their inaugural collection, Another Country are making waves with their simple forms. Introducing a fantastic range of accessories to the collection make for a more affordable way to get started. I'm loving the pottery series silly right now and definitely popping that on the Christmas list.




Every piece makes me want to whip out my debit card. I'm reminded that these objects are for life and will certainly stand the test of time, ageing beautifully on the shelf, floor, what-have-you so perhaps I can slowly build me another country in my home.

Images courtesy Another Country