Are you Eclectic?

It’s interesting how perception and reality can be quite different. This week I have been confronted with many international stereotypes about design. My favourite being that the English on the whole, are an eclectic nation. Possibly even defined as eccentric. I love the idea that homes across the country are filled with charming vignettes showcasing their owners personal eclectic charm. Whilst we know that in general this isn’t true, the UK has spawned some wonderful eclectic design talent.Eclectic by Mary Middleton Design Just think of the talented Abigail Ahern and her dramatic style that encompasses lots of textural tension. Abigail Ahern's home by Mary Middleton Design Or how about Jo Berryman of Matrushka with her keen stylists eye. Jo Berryman from The Folly Then there is the quirky take on the traditional at House of Hackney. Eclectic house of hackney So how eclectic are you? Is the UK the home of the eclectic?


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