Art meets Science: Crochet installations

59 Over Here - Shane Waltener

Head in the clouds? You might enjoy these images from an extraordinary exhibition that took place in Paris earlier this year.


Entitled 'Cumulus', it was the work of Argentinian architect Ciro Najle, and a collaboration between Le Laboratoire and the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Le Laboratoire is a pioneering organisation that seeks to link up art with science, creating amazing work such as this.

The idea actually came from a project Le Laboratoire set up to explore design solutions toย achieving wider and more equitable access to fresh water globally. The original project created fog nets, a way to capture water in arid locations. The transformation into clouds happened through a huge amount of maths (cumulus clouds are all fractal shapes), and 40 Argentinean craftswomen to construct the actual piece.

It reminds me of the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef (HCCR), a project that originated in Los Angeles, but has been exhibited worldwide. There's a similar blending of science, art, and craft.

If you like that, you should also check out textile artist Shane Waltener, who creates beautiful and thought-provoking installations using crochet, weave, and other techniques.