Artist spotlight: 4 of the best collage illustrators

Prints are a lovely, budget-friendly way of buying artwork for your home. And with thousands of illustrators and artists selling their own work online, you can get something really unique. But type the word 'print' into Etsy and you’ll come up with more than 800,000 items! So to make your life easier, I've picked out 4 original illustrators, all linked by the use of collage in their work. It makes a nice change from the typography based art that's been everywhere the last couple of years (Keep Calm and Carry On, anyone?)

Seiko Kato is a Brighton-based illustrator. Her work is inspired by Victorian collage techniques, and is beautifully detailed and multi-layered. Often sweet on the surface, there's a sinister undertone to her images.

You can see more of her art and buy prints at her website.

Greenery collage by Seiko Kato

Sarah Dennis is inspired by nature and childhood, and her charming prints are full of bright colours. 

Look closely at the Trojan Horse below, and you'll see that the horse's mane is made up of bird's wings. You can buy the image as an A3 giclee print on her Etsy shop here for £30.

Fashion Trojan Horse print by Sarah Dennis

Anna Wright lives and works in Edinburgh, and uses collage to add splashes of colour and print to her delicate, painterly illustrations of birds, animals, and fashion. Her work is full of witty touches like the feather head-dresses on the Chinoise Ladies below. Buy the limited edition print from her online shop for £65.

Chinoise Ladies collage print by Anna Wright

After something a bit more manly? Check out collageOrama's prints on Etsy. These quirky designs are printed on to vintage dictionary pages, and right now they're offering one free print for every three you buy, so you could create a whole gallery wall of animals.

Bear print on vintage dictionary page by collageOrama

Do you have any favourite illustrators or collage artists?