Award winning EcoSmart Fires for the garden

EcoSmart outdoor fire Bulb

I was first introduced to these fires by English Garden Joinery who worked with EcoSmart to build a fire pit for a client in London.  The fire sat within a decked area under the some trees at the end of the garden.

These fires are portable and this means that they can be moved around the garden to create the right ambiance when you need it, where you need it.  They look fabulous around sitting areas, on decking and terraces or near water.

They are made from toughened glass and with weather resistant materials so they can be left outside.

All the EcoSmart fires are fuelled with bioethanol which is a renewable energy source and it provides clean burning because the flames deliver heat without the odour, smoke, ash or embers of conventional fires.

There are many styles and options available as well as a full range of fires and fireplaces for use indoors.  I particularly like the Bulb fire which has a steel wire frame...

The Lantern fires also look fabulous, especially next to water.  Just imagine how they'd look around a decked area out in the garden - a soft wonderful cosy glow!

The Mini T and Cyl fires are more contemporary in style and the flame is contained within glass.

For details of the full range you might want to have a look at the EcoSmart website which outlines each style in detail along with technical information.


(Photos: EcoSmart)