Beautiful Bouquet Wallpaper by Anna French


Bouquet-Wallpaper-Anna-French I adore Anna French's wallpaper design called Bouquet from her Wild Flora collection.

With colourways ranging from pink shown above to turquoise, cream/green, chalk, gold and blue below, she has used metallic inks and foils to enhance these beautiful floral wallpapers.

Within the Wild Flora collection, there are also the following designs: Damask, Bird in the Bush, Ash, Girl on a See Saw, Velvet Jacquard, Spot and Songbirds.

Here are more samples from the Bouquet range...






As for a little bit of background about Anna...

Anna started her company on the top floor of a Victorian lace mill in Scotland in 1976 with her husband John French, after they'd moved from London.

Originally, Anna decided to make Scottish lace and her lace still sells on an international scale today.

The business grew gradually, but it wasn't until 1994 when Anna began to design children's collections that things really took off.

As the business has grown, Anna's family have taken on roles with her son becoming Managing Director and her daughter becoming Sales Director.

In 2007, Anna decided to team up with Thibaut, allowing her company to benefit from their experience in the US market, whilst maintaining the creativity of her small company.

Anna French currently design and manufacture wallpapers and lace, plus printed fabrics for upholstery and soft furnishings.

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(Images : Anna French)