Beautiful floral-inspired Burleigh pottery


Burleigh-Pottery-Felicity-Teacup-&-Arden-Teapot Based in Stoke-on-Trent, Burleigh has been making beautiful handcrafted pottery for over 160 years.

And for a long time, I've admired their blue and white floral jugs.  But it was only recently that I found out that they make such a huge range of crockery and in lots of different floral patterns.

You'll find everything you need for an afternoon tea from teapots and cake plates to sandwich trays, bowls and jugs.

Blue Felicity and Blue Arden are featured above, with Blue Calico and Victorian Chintz below,

Burleigh pottery

Burleigh is one of the last remaining potteries in the world to use the traditional skill of under glaze tissue printing, which is a 200 year old English process.

Each piece is unique and is hand-made using ball clay from Devon and china clay from Cornwall.

Many of the designs still used are early Victorian patterns.  And the blue and white patterns are made in four different shades of blue, which makes them perfect for a 'mix and match' look.

Burleigh pottery - Arden

Burleigh pottery

Burleigh pottery - Calico

They also have this Red Calico range, with a very cute cow creamer, which I'm sure would spark a conversation over a tea table.


Back in 2010, the company was bought by Denby, which I'm hoping will ensure that Burleigh continues to create such gorgeous floral-inspired pottery for many more years to come.  It's really no wonder that their designs are loved and collected worldwide...

(Images : Burleigh)