Beautiful floral inspired enamel homeware from Buddug


daisy plate Buddug In the Launch Pad section of the Pulse trade show last week, I came across these beautiful floral inspired plates and spoons created by Buddug.

So, I thought I'd share them with you today...

Buddug Humphreys uses enamel to hand-make this quirky homeware. And I adore her daisy design above and the forget-me-not plate below.

forget plate Buddug

And here's her dish called 'Jug of Flowers'...

Buddug plate

As Buddug originally comes from Snowdonia in North Wales, she's created a few designs inscribed with the Welsh language, including this square plate.

Translated into English, it reads:

'I will walk with you across distant paths  Flowers and dreams will bless our journey  Into your eyes I will gaze and holding your hand  I will walk with you whatever may come'.

How lovely is that...?

Buddug plate

And finally, I'd like to share these pretty spoons with you, which are inspired by the tradition in Wales of giving a loved one a 'love spoon'...

Floral inspired spoons from Buddug

As for a little bit about Buddug...

Back in 2005, Buddug Humphreys set up a market stall on Broadway Market with Jessie Chorley.

Seven years later, they now run a concept store, called J&B The Shop, in Columbia Road in East London...the famous road with the Sunday Flower Market.

Originally both from Wales, Buddug and Jessie specialise in hand-made, unusual gifts.  Buddug uses enamel, metal and other materials and Jessie specialises in paper, textiles and found objects.

If you'd like to keep up-to-date with their news, there's a J&B The Shop blog and they're on Twitter.

(Images : Buddug)