Beautiful floral-inspired finds from Forages...


Floral finds from Forages Have you heard about the online shop called Forages? It sells handmade gifts from British designers and makers.

The company was set up by Sam and Sefika after they went on a high street shopping trip, looking for a gift for a friend's birthday and came home empty-handed.

Disappointed by the choice of products on offer, they decided to set up an online store featuring an eclectic collection of hand-picked home accessories and gifts...and Forages was born.

This week's blog post features floral-inspired finds from their website, starting with the Serving Platter and Cake Platter above, which have a lovely vintage feel.

Below are their linen covered Floral Sanderson Notebook and Bunting Banner, which features roses, butterflies, pearls, diamonds and swans.

Floral finds from Forages

And, being a floral mug collector myself, I couldn't resist also sharing these ones below.

On the top row on the left, we have a Rose Mug designed by Edith & Alf and on the right, a Rose Tattoo Mug by Caroline Zoob.

Floral finds from Forages

Above left is a Poppy mug from Brixton Pottery, designed by Alex Dufort and on the right, a Bird Mug by Edith & Alf.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a selection of products from Forages' website.  Why not take a look at it when you're next looking for a gift for someone?

If you'd like to keep up-to-date with news about the company, they're on Twitter and Facebook, plus have a blog.

(Images : Forages)