Beautiful garden art and sculptures by Arcangel Metalwork

Arcangel make bespoke metalwork items for both interior and exterior spaces including fountains, sculpture, staircases and furniture.  They work with both private and corporate clients and have even produced work for the Royal Family.

The beautiful gates on their website caught my eye.

Entranceways and access points are often filled with run of the mill gates that are put there for function but there is so much scope, especially within the garden, to use something that is more ornate and that really enhances the overall look and feel of the space.

I love the detail to the side of the gates below, it really connects the brick wall to them.

I also love this outside staircase, particularly the contrast between the metal and timber.  Often using more than one material really helps to bring depth and balance.  In this case I think the metalwork is enhanced by the timber hand rail.

Arcangel also made the Dandelion Clock sculpture for the Princess Diana Memorial Garden...

...and they are often commissioned to produce pieces of sculpture for the garden...

Sometimes these include water features.  The 'Spin' water feature below works as a sculpture even when the water isn't switched on.

Working with artists is always enlightening and bespoke pieces can really bring a piece of you to the garden.  Used in the right way they can bring your garden to life.  Please refer to the Arcangel website for further information about their approach and to see more examples of their work.


Images: Arcangel Metalwork