Beautiful glassware by Maggie Williams

Daisy-aqua-purple-and-fuschia-side-view-Maggie-Williams Today, I'm delighted to feature glass designer, Maggie Williams, and her contemporary floral-inspired vases.

Maggie gets inspiration for her glassware from the natural world, including tropical plants, and most of her work evolves into vessels for flowers.

All her work is mouth-blown and hand-finished, making each piece unique.

Above and immediately below is her Daisy collection, inspired by the flower itself.  They're perfect for displaying single blooms either on their own or in groups to add impact.

The collection comes in many transparent and opaque colours, and in three different sizes.

Here are some more images below...



From her Eden collection are these beautiful hanging vases below.  They were inspired by the carnivorous pitcher plant.

These vases are a unique way to display cut flowers.  They can be hung in large numbers in offices, restaurants and other spaces, or in smaller groups in a house or an apartment.

The range is available in both bright clear jewel colours and subtle opaque colours.




As well as vases, she's also made these pretty glass flowers...


If you'd like to know how Maggie become a glass designer...well, she went to university when she was fifty to do ceramics. It was a combined course and she got hooked by glass.

In 2004, she set up her business and sells through various galleries and shows, plus via email from her website.

She now works from her premises in Lincoln.

(Images : Maggie Williams Glass)